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Updated: August 14, 2023

9 Must-Have AI Tools for Photographers in Summer 2023

Any photographer knows taking photos is only a small part of the job. That’s where this list of nine must-have AI tools for photographers will come in handy!

Are you tired of spending countless hours culling through hundreds of photos, trying to find that one perfect shot? 

Do you dread the mere thought of organizing and editing your photos after a long day of shooting? 

Does thinking about your marketing plan make you break out in a cold sweat?

AI-powered tools are here to save the day (and a little bit of your sanity).

The tools listed in this article will help you on all fronts – from organizing, selecting, editing, and perfecting your images to creating marketing content with ease.

AI culling & editing tools for photographers

Culling through photos is one of the most time-consuming tasks in photography. 

With AI-powered software, however, you can say goodbye to those long hours spent scrolling through endless images. 

These tools can analyze and rate your photos based on factors like sharpness, exposure, and composition, allowing you to quickly and efficiently cull through your images.

When it comes to editing, AI-powered tools can take your photos to the next level… and with great speed. 

AI editing tools can analyze your images and automatically adjust things like exposure, color balance, sharpness, and more. 

Without further ado, we bring you an all-in-one solution for faster and more efficient culling and editing.

Aftershoot Culling & Editing

Aftershoot is one of the must-have AI tools for photographers

Effectively two separate AI tools in one, Aftershoot started out as a culling software for photographers that allows fast and smart culling of large sets of photos within minutes. 

The culling software takes composition, blur, closed eyes, emotion, and duplicates into account when assisting you with your final selections.

Recently, Aftershoot took it to the next level by introducing Aftershoot EDITS, which automates the photo editing process right after the culling is done.

Aftershoot’s AI algorithms are fast, reliable, and intuitive. The AI photo editor can copy your editing style (based on learnings from your previous edits made in Lightroom or Capture One) with 90%+ accuracy and impressive speed – 1,000 edits in under 1 minute!

Watch how Aftershoot speeds up your culling & editing workflows on YouTube to see why this is one of the top must-have AI tools for photographers.

Bonus: You don’t need an internet connection to cull or edit with Aftershoot. Use it anywhere, anytime.

Topaz Labs

Topaz labs is an AI tool for photographers that helps with photo editing

Topaz Labs has made the list for its suite of image enhancement tools. Topaz Labs has been around for quite some time and have garnered acclaim thanks to their dedicated plugins for Photoshop and Lightroom. 

Now they also offer some of their most popular products, such as DeNoise AI, Sharpen AI, and Gigapixel AI as standalone products with very specialized applications.

If your images are blurry, noisy, or just of low quality, Topaz Labs offers AI tools that can fix them.

Its AI software eliminates snow-speckled noise, can upscale images without loss, and will breathe new life into blurred images you thought were goners.

The DeNoise AI is intelligent enough to distinguish between actual noise and the details of your photographs, which means you won’t lose sharpness when it recovers details. 

Gigapixel AI is not only handy for enlarging photos up to 600% without losing quality, but it’s also useful for zooming in and cropping details from an original image and enhancing it for print. 

Bonus: Topaz Labs tools can be installed as standalone programs, or you can integrate them into your Lightroom and Photoshop workflows.

Generative Fill in Photoshop

Photoshop has a new AI tool for photographers called Generative Fill

Have you heard about Adobe Photoshop's latest addition? It's called Generative Fill, powered by the AI picture generator known as Firefly. 

This tool takes photo editing to a whole new level because it allows you to add or remove items inside a photograph with simple text prompts.

You simply highlight (or lasso) an area in a photo, click the Generate icon, type in what you want to replace your selection with, and then watch it appear!

Generative Fill exceeds the capabilities of existing tools like Content-Aware Fill, giving you more creative freedom and flexibility.

It matches perspective, lighting, and image style exceptionally well, making this a must-have AI tool for photographers.

Every photographer needs an AI tool for image organization

Some of us love it, but most of us hate it – organizing images is one of those necessary evils that help you in the long run but isn’t always fun. 

Luckily, image organization is yet another area where AI can save the day and help you quickly find the photo you're looking for without having to manually sift through endless folders and files.


One of the best AI tools for photographers to help with photo management is PhotoPrism

When it comes to organizing and managing your digital photo collections, PhotoPrism is one of the top AI tools for photographers out there. 

It helps streamline your photo management and quickly syncs your photos to preferred cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive and Amazon S3.

The AI software analyzes every photo to automatically sort, tag, and categorize your images based on criteria like location, date, and content.

It can identify objects, people, and other details to make smart organizational decisions.

It also makes it easy to find photos in a collection with its advanced search capabilities.

AI tools that make marketing easier for photographers

It’s no secret that AI has reached all realms of digital marketing and content creation. Among the list of AI tools for photographers are a few must-have programs that can help streamline your marketing efforts. 

Tasks like blogging, content creation, image sharing, and social media management can all be made easier with a little help from AI, freeing you up for more time to shoot and get creative.


EyeEm is one of the best AI tools for photographers looking to sell stock imagery

EyeEm is a platform where you can buy premium, royalty-free stock images and upload your photographs to sell your work.

This photo-sharing platform uses the power of AI to automatically tag and categorize your photos.

It makes it easy for you to license your work and for brands that would be most interested in your particular style to discover your work.

The app also makes it easy to connect to a community of photographers and share your work on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, and Foursquare.

Jasper AI

Jasper AI is one of the AI tools for photographers that can help with their copywriting needs

You’re a photographer – a visual storyteller – so there’s no shame in using an AI tool to help you when it comes to copywriting if that isn’t your strong suit. 

Jasper AI is an impressive AI writing tool that can write content-aware copy for your social media captions, website, or emails. 

It’s exceptional at short-form copy such as ad taglines, SEO headings, and social media captions but is not as highly revered for long-form content such as blog articles.


Canva is one of the must-have AI tools for photographers who want to make social media content with ease

First and foremost, Canva is a convenient online design platform that has become popular with creatives of all shades and colors. 

Recently they've added certain generative AI features that take the ease of creating your social media, blog, site, printed, and any other graphics up a notch, so you really should look into this one.

Some of the AI-powered features that we’re most impressed with are the remove background and magic resize tools.

Now, it’s easier than ever to share a design across multiple platforms! logo

This AI tool for photographers takes the cake when it comes to automating content creation for ads.

It generates conversion-focused ad and social media post creatives in seconds!

All you have to do is upload your photography business logo, select your brand colors, and the program will generate content options in your choice of size for whichever platform or purpose you want to use it for.

If you want to launch an ad campaign across multiple platforms, will create all the dimensions you need in one click.

A must-have productivity tool

Hands up if you’re a note-taker of note! To-do lists, inspiration memos, reminders – you name it. Writing things down (or typing for the most part) is the best way to remember important things and stay on top of them.

There are countless note and to-do list apps out there, but we’ve found one that has impressed us with its AI organizational capabilities.


Mem is a must-have AI tool for productivity

Mem is a must-have tool for photographers who need a little help staying on top of things.

It’s the world’s first AI knowledge assistant that is completely personalized to you.

Let’s face it, most note-taking apps end up being archives of old thoughts and to-do lists that gather digital dust while we keep creating new memos and calendar entries. Not Mem! 

Mem is a self-organizing database that connects your email, calendar, and contacts to your notes and task lists. It batches all the information and keeps it organized so you never lose track of meetings, insights, or conversations.

It helps that the app has a user-friendly and streamlined interface too! It looks minimalist but is packed with productivity-boosting features. 

Bonus: Mem can connect to thousands of apps through Zapier. You can send notes to your Mem via WhatsApp or SMS, which is especially handy when you’re using those platforms to organize shoots or talk to clients.

In conclusion

If you’re one of those “AI will take over my job!” photographers, we have good news. 

AI will not take your job as a photographer, but it will take some of the other tedious parts of your job off your hands and make them much easier to handle.

Why not embrace AI and use it to your advantage? We think this is the best way to unlock your creativity and enjoy photography to the max.

Of course, a list of just 9 AI tools for photographers is only scratching the surface of the abundance of products available today. 

It seems that new AI tools are popping up every other week or so, promising unparalleled quality and ease of use. 

With the increasing demand for automation and efficiency, we will likely see even more innovative AI solutions in the photography industry in the future. 

However, the products presented in our list have been tested over time and by many users, so we’re confident in recommending them.

We hope this upward trajectory of AI software in photography will allow many photographers to focus on the creative side of their craft, freeing up time and resources for taking great pictures.

One of the best AI tools for photographers is Aftershoot. Get started with a free trial today!

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