Photo Culling Made Easy

AfterShoot is the fastest and easiest way to automatically select, rate, and find your best photos.

What sets us apart?

AfterShoot Photo Culling Software automates and handles the most monotonous, tedious, and time-consuming part of your workflow!

Supercharge your Culling workflow

Spend your time on things that matter the most!

With one click, AfterShoot culls your photos while still letting you retain complete control over the selections:

Select your parameter

Adjust desired senstivity

Tweak the selection

Freedom from thousands of small decisions

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, AfterShoot can automatically cull your images by detecting unwanted blinks, camera shakes, duplicate photos, and much more.

It also selects the best shot from a series of similar images, so that you don’t have to sift through!

Powered by AI, guided by you

Because you are one in a million!

Our State of the Art image processing lets you sift through your RAWs faster than ever before!

Map easy keyboard shortcuts to change your results in a tap.

Incorporate AfterShoot into your workflow

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Cull and Select your images

with AfterShoot

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One-Click Export to

Lightroom / Capture One


Share your masterpiece

with the world

AfterShoot in action

Trusted & loved by professionals

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why AfterShoot?
As Photographers and creatives, you should be able to spend our time on things that are most important to you!
Culling is often time taking and the most non-creative part of the photography workflow and hence we built AfterShoot to help you get precious hours back in your life!
Don't believe us? Give it a go yourself and you'll find out why we are the best photo culling software out there.
What Platforms, Softwares and Image Formats do you support?
AfterShoot is compatible with both Windows and Mac (including the new M1 chip).
We also support Lightroom, Capture One and all the other leading photography tools.
As far as Image formats go, we support all the leading RAW formats along with JPEGs and PNGs.
As the saying goes "Leave no one behind", so we got your back ;).
What makes AfterShoot different from other AI Image culling softwares?

We listen to your feedbacks.

As compared to other Photo Culling software that aim to provide incremental improvements to your workflow, AfterShoot aims to do it for you while still letting you retain the entire control over the selections.

But enough from us, why don't you try AfterShoot and experience the magic yourself? 

9 out of 10 users who try AfterShoot, never go back to the old way of culling their images again!

Don't worry we'll get the 10th one soon :/

How much does AfterShoot cost?
It's Totally Free, don't worry you read it right.
AfterShoot is available for you to use for free until we figure out a price that works best for everyone!
Interested in helping us decide upon the price for AfterShoot? Let us know!
How secure is AfterShoot?
AfterShoot runs locally on your machine and does not upload your images anywhere.
Our users are like our family and we are not the snitch cousin so you can cull your images without any worries :p
If you want, you can opt-in for our optional image sharing program which uses the images culled by AfterShoot to help make it better.
Can I make changes to AfterShoot's selections?
Yes you can! 
AfterShoot comes with a powerful Loupe View that lets you Inspect Faces, Review Duplicate Images, and much more with fully customizable keyboard shortcuts to your liking.
Photo culling has never been this easy.
Will AfterShoot reject my important Photos?
Whenever AfterShoot detects more than 1 similar image, it will always pick out the best ones from them thereby ensuring that you never miss out on any image!
I have more questions, where can I get in touch with you?
You can either send us an email at [email protected] or create a post in our Facebook Group.
We strive to provide best in class support to our users (paid or not), so rest assured; you're in good company!