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Posted by Manas Dwivedi
Updated: May 19, 2023

8 Best Cameras for Wedding Photographers

In the photography business, two essential things are required to make a photographer’s workflow smoother: excellent gear and some time-saving software

We're focusing on the gear in this article, with a breakdown of the best cameras for wedding photographers.

When shooting a wedding, a photographer needs to stay 100% focused on ensuring they don’t miss any beautiful moments.

Since it’s such an intense job, you would want your photography tools to be polished and functioning at 100% so you can fly through the event without any trouble capturing everything.

You would want gear that you can rely on and know that they’ll give you the best results.

So if you’re looking for your first camera or exploring your options to upgrade your current one, you don’t need to look any further.

Here we have compiled a list of the 8 best cameras for wedding photographers. Whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned wedding photographer, Aftershoot has got it all covered.

Canon EOS R6

An image of one of the best cameras for wedding photographers, the Canon EOS R6

The Canon’s EOS R6 packs a pixel count of 20.1 megapixels. That can be off-putting for some people, but if you don’t go just by numbers, it performs well in every aspect.

 Since the pixel count is low, it compensates for it by having an excellent ISO range.

It uses the same autofocus system as the EOS R5 (Dual Pixel AF II), which tracks its subject with the help of machine learning, which can be really useful if you are shooting people on a regular basis.

On top of all this, it also has an in-body image stabilization that can be used to its fullest when paired with an RF lens with Canon’s In-Lens image stabilization, as through this, it can deliver up to 8 stops of compensation.

If you can overlook a few things like:

  • Lack of top-plate LCD
  • Polycarbonate construction

It has many excellent features such as:

  • Electronic viewfinder
  • 20fps burst
  • Highly Adva

 EOS R6 is an excellent camera that’ll easily help you shoot a wedding with ease, given all these features.

Fujifilm X-T4

Fujifilm X-T4 Camera: one of the best cameras for wedding photographers

Fujifilm X-T4 is a flagship camera and is the fourth generation in its product line, resulting in an advanced and capable camera as it can do all its predecessor could but better.

It has a 26.1-megapixel APS-C sensor, resulting in an image with fine detailing and rich colors. 

Regarding accessories, it has a long list of lenses, as Fujifilm provides an excellent variety of lenses for its flagship X-Series.

Although it might not have a full frame, it makes up for it with some cool features like:

  • In-body stabilization
  • Good battery life
  • 425-point AF system

 There are also some advanced 4K video capabilities. 

When it comes to handling – the array of body-mounted controls will put some off but get yourself dialed in, making it an effortless and intuitive camera to shoot with. 

Canon EOS R5

The Canon eos r5 digital camera is one of the best cameras for wedding photographers

While it may be the costliest camera on this list, with all the top-end features it packs, we would say it’s worth it. 

Its most eye-catching ability is that it can shoot videos in 8k quality.

It carries a 45-megapixel full-frame sensor with best-in-class autofocus, which gives it an edge over its competitors.

Its face tracker is so good that it can find them even if they are covered, which comes in handy while shooting a wedding.

Backed by other impressive features like:

  • 20fps burst shooting
  • IBIS system able to compensate up to 8 stops

It is pretty expensive, no doubt about it, but at the same time, it leaves a lasting impact and is praised by its users.

Sony Alpha A7R IV

Sony Alpha A7R IV mirrorless digital camera - one of the best cameras for wedding photographers

Sony A7R IV is for those who want to be dynamic with their post-production process. 

It has a massive 61-megapixel sensor, easily embarrassing other mirrorless and DSLR cameras in this field.

With excellent image quality, the A7R IV also performs really well as it can shoot at 10fps, which is helped by its 567-point autofocus system.

It packs other impressive features like:

  • Sony’s best in class Eye autofocus
  • 5.5 stop in-body image stabilization

Its only downside is its user interface which is not as easy to use compared to its rivals.

Nikon D850

Nikon D850 digital camera

While everyone is talking about mirrorless cameras as they are the next big thing, people forget how good some DSLRs can be, and D850 is a perfect example of an excellent DSLR.

It is one of the best DSLRs and is a go-to wedding camera since it can perform all the required tasks. 

The 45-megapixel full-frame sensor combined with 153-point autofocus allows you to capture everything in detail.

Yes, you may have a problem carrying it as it’s pretty heavy compared to the modern mirrorless cameras. 

Still, it’s very durable due to the sealed build, which allows you to keep shooting even if it gets drenched in water.

It also has a pretty good battery life which would put any mirrorless camera to shame.

Sony Alpha a1

Sony Alpha a1 is one of the best cameras for wedding photographers

As the name suggests, Sony is one of the “Alphas” in the camera market, and so is the Alpha a1.

Sony caught everyone’s attention when they unveiled this masterpiece in 2021. It has a 50.1-megapixel sensor and reviews suggest people are very pleased with the camera, with some requests for improving the bird eye detection feature.

The Sony a1 can do a lot of brilliant things, including:

  • Capturing 8k video at 30 and 4k video at 120p
  • 50.1MP shoot at 30 fps with AF and AE tracking
  • Blackout-free view of your subject
  • World’s first 240 fps refresh rate, 9.44M1 dot 0.64″ QXGA OLED EVF.

Given the performance, it somewhat justifies its price, which some people may find costly.

PS: Sony hasn’t been paying much attention to its DSLR cameras. Find out why.

Fujifilm GFX 100S

Fujifilm GFX 100S

With the release of GFX 100S, Fujifilm indirectly told the world that medium format cameras can still compete at the top.

Not to be fooled by its easy-to-carry compact size, this camera packs a 102-megapixel resolution, which is not to be taken lightly.

Even though it’s much cheaper than its predecessor, GFX 100, there is not much of a difference in their features.

While many have praised it for the picture quality it produces and called it a value-for-money camera, some have complained about its tiny navigation button that can sometimes be hard to use.

Some of the key features of GFX 100S include:

  • Its Pixel Shift Multi-Shot function combines 16 RAW files to create a single 400MP image that reproduces the most delicate details with ultimate color accuracy. 
  • Maximum continuous shooting speed of 5fps
  • GFX100S features a redesigned, robust in-body image stabilization system that is 20% smaller and 10% lighter than the version found in the GFX100.
  • Ability to shoot 4k video at 30p

With all the features it provides and given its size, it is one of our favorite cameras to use while on a tour, as carrying it won’t be a big headache, and its robustness won’t let it malfunction cause of rough use.

Nikon Z 7 II

Nikon Z 7 II camera

As the name suggests, it is a successor of Z 7, which was launched in 2018.

The Z 7 II is much better than its predecessor when it comes to key features. However, it retains the same 45.7-megapixel BSI CMOS sensor from its predecessor, which was exceptionally well received. 

Its user interface is eye-pleasing to its users as it’s easy to use and understand. Unlike its predecessor, it has dual memory card slots; the new one is for UHS-II sd cards.

Other new features include:

  • Dual EXPEED 6 image processors
  • Eye-Detection as well as Animal-Detection AF
  • It shoots continuously at 10 fps

What do you think of these cameras for wedding photographers?

Every photographer has different needs, preferences, and desires when it comes to choosing the best camera for the job.

We hope this list has helped you make a decision. Happy shooting!

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