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Candid Dreams: Joy Zamora’s Cinematic Wedding Photography Journey

From capturing everyday life in the streets of Italy to becoming a sought-after wedding photographer, Joy Zamora has made a significant mark in the world of photography. His passion lies in capturing magical moments, with each image telling a unique story.

Joy Zamora, Wedding Photographer

We spoke with Joy, and he shared his experiences, challenges, and the highs and lows of being a professional photographer. He discusses how he continues to learn, evolve, and grow in the field of wedding photography, and how he leverages tools like Aftershoot to innovate his craft.

When and how did you know that you wanted to be a photographer?

It was probably around 2011. Although I was studying law, I lived for a year in Italy. There, I fell in love with walking through the streets and photographing everything that moved in front of my camera. Life in general through a lens seemed magical to me.

When I returned home, photography had become a way of life. I couldn't imagine doing anything else. Little by little, I studied on my own and became a professional. Suddenly, I was fully immersed in the business, and that was more than 12 years ago.

How did you get into wedding photography?

On Facebook back in 2013, I was already following many wedding photographers. I loved everything that was being done at that time. It seemed disruptive and an amazing way to travel and photograph.

Suddenly, in one of those Facebook communities, I found another photographer who was at the same point as me. We decided to give it a try and photograph a mutual friend's wedding together. It was a success. People loved it, and we decided to dedicate ourselves full-time. The first year was very intense, but we managed to get the business off the ground.

Joy Zamora, Wedding Photographer

How would you describe your own unique photography style?

It is difficult to describe oneself, but I would sum it up as a candid, cinematic style. I try to make my photographs tell a story, either individually or as part of a whole.

For me, capturing the essence of my clients is fundamental, but always with a dreamlike touch that makes it seem almost mystical. I love adding that touch because I know it makes the photos even more unique.

Wedding Photography

I like improvisation and capturing unexpected moments, which I believe shows in my photographs.

What would you suggest to photographers looking to create their own unique style?

There are not many paths other than trial and error.

It's a long road, but style emerges over time. If we try to force it from the beginning, we are probably just copying what someone else has done before (which is not a bad thing, it's part of learning).

I have always recommended having good sources of inspiration and keeping them continuously at your fingertips so that they permeate your mind and add something to your creative process almost without you realizing it.

How has AI (like Aftershoot) changed your post-processing workflow?

Aftershoot has not only changed my workflow; it has changed my life!

I can now devote much more time to other aspects of my business and pamper my clients. That's fundamental for me because I know that the success of a good company lies in making the customer feel special.

I can deliver the photos much faster, but above all, I can give an extra touch of editing to those photos that are most important to me because the bulk of the selection and editing is already done.

Also, finding consistency in my color has been much easier with Aftershoot. That helps to have a much better balance throughout my work.

What inspires you?

Everything inspires me—from nature and my surroundings to my friends and the music I listen to. A good story is an inexhaustible source of resources, and if we pay attention to everything that happens around us, inspiration comes naturally.

Joy Zamora, Wedding Photographer

The flight of a bird past your window, a song that touches your soul and transports you to another place, a movie with shots that make you excited, or the sun coming through your window early in the morning—all of these can be sources of inspiration.

Sometimes we just have to stop and look around us. That is everything.

Tell us one good thing and one not-so-good thing about wedding photography.

The best thing is visiting incredible places and meeting people you would never meet otherwise. You open yourself to a new world, and that's amazing.

The worst thing is probably the travel—spending a lot of time away from home, staying in hotels, and dealing with planes and trains. Sometimes our work makes us spend too much time away from the people we love, but it is a necessary sacrifice.

What would you tell someone who is just starting off as a professional photographer?

Be patient and enjoy the journey because every part of it will help you become the photographer you want to be tomorrow.

Photography Equipment

There is no right way to do things; there is a way that makes you happy and a way that does not. Just follow your intuition and, above all, respect this art. Try to improve continuously and never think you already know it all. If you think that, you are lost.

Surround yourself with supportive people who want the best for you, and give them your best. That relationship will help you for life.

Tell us more about your Creator Styles in Aftershoot.

My color profile is a reflection of all my travels around the world. As I travelled and saw different lights and atmospheres, I saw the need for a versatile color that I could use in as many situations as possible.

That's what you will find when you use my color profile—one that helps you use it almost anywhere, keeping a cinematic look while remaining natural and timeless.

Joy Zamora, Wedding Photographer, Creator Styles in Aftershoot Edits 2.0

My advice is to apply it and adjust the exposure a bit depending on what kind of atmosphere you want to recreate. If you want to make it a bit more ethereal, turn down the brightness a bit to get that effect. Tweak the backlight, and you have several results with a single adjustment.

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