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Xmas Gift Guide for Photographers: 10 Gift Ideas to Make Them Smile

‘Tis the season to be jolly and snap-happy! 🎄📸 If you've got a photographer in your life, you know the struggle of finding the perfect gift that doesn’t end up collecting dust in the corner. 

Fear not, fellow gift seekers, for we’ve curated the ultimate 2023 Xmas Gift Guide for Photographers. 

Prepare to make your favorite photographer smile brighter than Rudolph’s nose with 10 gift ideas that range from gear and gadgets to items that will bring them joy every day.

Our Xmas Gift Guide for Photographers

Each photographer is as unique as the images they capture. No two are the same! So we’ve made sure our list of Christmas gifts for photographers is as varied as the types of shutterbugs you’re buying for.

1. Stylish Backpack or Camera Bag

Every photographer needs a camera bag (or five) but who says they can’t be functional and fashionable?

The first gift on our list is perfect for traveling photographers who want their gear to look as good as the shots they capture. 

The Grid Backpack by Ekster is a great gift for photographers who are constantly on the go, like to travel light, and want to carry their essentials comfortably.

Ekster grid backpack in xmas gift guide for photographers
Ekster Grid Backpack

Our favorite features:

  • Opens up 180° for easy access and organization
  • Many pockets and compartments, including a soft-lined tech pocket and one for a power bank
  • Water-resistant body and waterproof zippers

Price: $195

Check out 19 more great camera bags and backpacks in this Wired article: Best Camera Bags, Straps, and Backpacks

2. Subscription to Time-saving Software

If you’re looking for a gift that keeps on giving, introduce the photographer in your life to their ultimate post-production companion – Aftershoot!

Aftershoot is an AI-powered culling and editing application that speeds up photography workflows like you’ve never seen before.

It saves photographers countless hours of manual work by helping them sort, select, and edit their images in record time – giving them more free time to do the things they love.

But the best part is that one annual subscription means unlimited access to AI culling and/or editing features with no internet connection required to harness Aftershoot’s powers. 

And hey, they can even try it out with a 30-day free trial before committing! No credit card is required.

Aftershoot is the perfect gift for a photographers

Features you’ll love:

  • No internet required (runs locally)
  • Integrates seamlessly with Lightroom and Capture One
  • Most positively reviewed AI Culling & Editing software on Trustpilot with exceptional 24/7 support

Price: From $10/mo. billed annually

3. Custom Camera Strap

One of the most personal yet functional gifts for photographers has to be a custom camera strap. 

There are many stunning options to choose from but there’s one by Australian brand, Lucky Straps, which tickles our fancy the most.

Lucky Straps are great xmas gifts for photographers
Lucky Straps

What makes the Lucky Standard 53 custom camera strap stand out from the crowd are the personalized touches such as being able to choose the leather and its color, stitching color, strap length, and embossing the strap with a logo or text. 

Features we love:

  • Oiled pull-up leather that gains more character over time
  • Designed to be worn across your body, not around the neck
  • Quick release ends with anti-theft cut-resistant Dyneema® webbing and a safety lock for secure travel

Price: From $159 AUD

Not to worry, even though Lucky Straps is a small Australian company, they ship worldwide. 

Shotkit has a list of 18 more camera straps that would also make great gifts for photographers. Check out their top picks.

4. Instant Camera

Even the pro-est of pro photographers can’t resist the magic of watching a photo develop right before their eyes. 

An instant camera is a fun and charming gift for every photographer. The Fujifilm Instax Square SQ40 Instant Camera is our top choice for this festive season.

An instant camera is a great Christmas gift for photographers
Image from Cameralabs review

Our favorite features:

  • Hand strap included
  • Built-in automatic exposure
  • Built-in one-touch selfie lens and selfie mirror

Price: $140 on Amazon

The NY Times short-listed this Fujifilm Instax camera as one of their top three instant cameras for 2023. Peep their list to see the runner-ups.

5. Wireless Headphones

Every great photographer needs a soundtrack for their creative journey – especially when they’re cooped up behind their computers, culling and editing photos

Wireless headphones are perfect for tuning into inspiration without getting tangled up in pesky cables.

The Sony WH-CH520 wireless headphones were released earlier in 2023 and have made waves since on many tech review sites as the best budget-friendly wireless headphones for everyday use.

Sony wireless headphones
Image from Soundguys review

Features we love: 

  • 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response
  • 50 hours of battery life
  • Hands-free calling function with built-in microphone

Price: $60 on Amazon

Check out Techradar’s list of the best wireless headphones of 2023 for more options.

6. Lens Cleaning Kit

For photographers who like their lenses so pristine you could eat off them (please don’t), a lens cleaning kit is always a useful gift… and one that won’t break the bank!

The all-in-one Altura Photo Cleaning Kit for DSLR Cameras & Electronics is for sale on Amazon and includes:

  • An air blower
  • Lens cleaning pen
  • Lens cleaning brush
  • 50 sheets lens tissue paper
  • A cleaning solution bottle (filled or empty options are available for purchase)
  • 3 MagicFiber microfiber cleaning cloths 

Price: $10.18 to $17.99

Want to see more cleaning kits for photographers? Scan this list of 10 Best Camera Cleaning Kits.

7. Photography Workshop or Course

For those who like to keep leveling up their skills and learn from the best in the biz, a ticket to a photography workshop or access to a course is a great idea for a Christmas gift for photographers. 

We highly recommend Ben Hartley’s Abundance Workshop to portrait and wedding photographers who have established businesses that they’re ready to scale 10x.

It’s the gift of knowledge, creativity, and maybe a few tips and tricks for capturing the perfect candid shot.

Ben Hartley's Abundance Workshop for photographers

Not sure if you can trust this Ben guy with your favorite shutterbug’s valuable time? Find out more about the photography business maestro on his website and check out our article where we dove into Ben Hartley’s marketing strategy for exponential growth.

About the workshop:

  • Three-day in-person workshop in Orlando Florida at a private residence
  • Day 1: The Value Day
  • Day 2: The Booking Day
  • Day 3: The Pricing & Print Day
  • Lodging included as well as meals prepared by a private chef (airfare not included)

Price: Enquire by filling out this form

8. Portable Lighting Kit

Make this festive season merry and bright with a gift that shines a light on your loved one’s creativity. 

Studio lighting is expensive and it’s no easy feat to lug lighting equipment around on a solo shoot. A compact portable lighting kit such as the one below is the solution.

Geekoto NC200B continuous light for photographers
Geekoto NC200B

The Geekoto NC200B offers professional-grade continuous LED COB lighting with 200 Watts performance, making it one of our top Christmas gifts for photographers this year.

Although portable lighting is often less costly than a full studio lighting kit, this is a high-end option fit for professional photographers.

It’s perfect for fashion, portrait, wedding and product photography, as well as video shoots!

Features you’ll love:

  • 200 Watts performance
  • 16 film scene modes
  • Built-in 2.4 GHz wireless sender and receiver
  • Quiet fan for professional cooling

Price: $299

For more portable lighting kit options, here’s a list of the 7 Best Photography Lighting Kits in 2023.

9. Automatic Coffee Machine

Let's face it, every great shot (no pun intended) starts with a caffeinated photographer!

For the workaholic photographer who barely has time to brew a cup, an automatic coffee machine is a winning gift…and one that the whole family can enjoy! 

Now, be warned, these babies don’t come cheap. So, if you’re ready to spoil your shutterbug bae to the max, you’d better be ready to fork out some big bucks too.

Philips 3200 Series bean to cup automatic coffee machine
Philips 3200 Series

The Philips 3200 Series Fully Automatic Espresso Machine - LatteGo gives you five coffee options at your fingertips: espresso, americano, coffee, latte macchiato, and cappuccino.

Our favorite features: 

  • Fully automatic bean-to-cup coffee machine
  • Large and user-friendly touchscreen
  • Makes 5 different coffee drinks at the push of a button

Price: $999 on Amazon

Before you buy, we recommend doing a fair bit of research to ensure you get the automatic coffee machine that checks all your boxes. 

Read this article by Good Housekeeping to see which 7 coffee machines they recommend.

10. Photography Magazine Subscription

Lastly, why not fuel their passion with a subscription to a photography magazine that they can enjoy reading in their downtime? 

It’s like a monthly dose of inspiration delivered right to their doorstep (or in some cases, to their inbox).

Photographer reading a magazine

Shutter Magazine is one of our top gifts for photographers these holidays because it’s focused on photography education for professionals, mainly in the wedding and portrait photography genres. 

This magazine is made by photographers for photographers with a free online version and a paper version available via an annual subscription.

Price: $49 for the paper version

For more inspiring photography magazine options, check out Shotkit’s list of 15 best photography magazines.

Ready to Gift Like a Pro?

There you have it – our Xmas gift guide for photographers with 10 stellar options to choose from.

May your holiday season be filled with joy, laughter, and the perfect shots. From everyone at Aftershoot, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a snap-happy New Year!

But wait, before you go. Don’t forget to start your favorite photographer off with a free trial of Aftershoot. After all, the best gift is the one that keeps on giving. 😏

Aftershoot is the ultimate xmas gift for photographers to help speed up their workflow

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