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Posted by Rachit
Updated: January 2, 2024

When A Billion Images Is Just The Beginning | Aftershoot Snapshot 2023


One billion! Sometimes it’s hard to comprehend the scale of that number. How big is it really? How many zeros are in it? How much time would it take for you to count to a billion? You could have a billion questions answered, yet the number will always be fascinatingly large.

And, incidentally, that’s the amount of images Aftershoot processed in the year 2023. Woo frikkin’ hoo!

Well, it was a little over a billion, 1.15 billion to be precise, but we’re not the ones to show off. 😉

Let’s Dissect These Billion Images A Little More

Our magical unicorns are always up and about and prancing around with glee just for you. And this is the magic they created in 2023. 

Aftershoot snapshot 2023: images processed

Wait up. Hold your unicorns. We’re not done yet. What happens when these millions and billions of images come together? They end up making some amazing photo albums.

Aftershoot snapshot 2023: albums created

If you’re new here, you might be wondering how Aftershoot created these albums. Here’s a sneak peek into how they got culled and edited.

Aftershoot 2023

*Head here to know more about Personal AI Profiles in Aftershoot

And what do you get when you cull and edit your photos with Aftershoot? You get something that you can’t buy – time! 

Time saved for yourself. Time saved for whatever you want to do. To relax. To spend it with your family. To work more. To play more games. To spend it singing and dancing in the shower. Whatever floats your boat. We’re just happy that you got more time.

Aftershoot snapshot 2023: time saved

Then there were a few who… Well, a couple of Aftershoot users who really stood out. And we’re not complaining. 😀

Aftershoot snapshot 2023: power users

It’s an obvious thing to state but we still have to let it out – it wouldn’t have been possible without you. Without your constant love and support and feedback. We are where we are because of you and we’ll continue to strive to help make your lives better in the year to come. 

A billion thanks to ALL our users for trusting us to do this with them. Have a great end to the year. We’ll see you on the other side. Cheers!

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