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Posted by Jana Ferreira
Updated: February 27, 2024

Introducing 4 Aftershoot Pricing Tiers to Meet You On Your Photographic Journey

At our core, Aftershoot is more than a software company – more than just a workflow-boosting assistant.

We’re here because we care about the person behind the lens, we have mad respect for the creative process, and we want to contribute to your happiness as a photographer.

As part of our continuous commitment to making Aftershoot accessible and inclusive to photographers of all genres and experience levels, we’ve spent many months researching and talking to our community, including expert and beginner photographers. 

We were on a serious mission to devise a plan that would allow every photographer to experience the magic of AI culling and editing with Aftershoot, taking into consideration the unique needs and expectations of varied photographers.

And now, the day has come!

We’re elated to announce the launch of our brand-new Aftershoot pricing structure, featuring four meticulously tailored subscriptions that meet you where you are on your photographic journey.

Aftershoot pricing tiers

Each Aftershoot subscription is finely tuned to cater to distinct photography workflows and requirements, ushering in a new era of convenience, efficiency, and affordability for photographers across the board.

The best part: ALL PLANS ARE UNLIMITED*, so there are no caps on how many images you can cull or edit! 

*The only exception is the Selects subscription where you will only get unlimited AI culling and no editing.

Take a look at what our new subscription options offer.

Tier 1: Aftershoot Selects

Our entry-level package is perfect for photographers who mainly want to use Aftershoot to speed up their culling processes.

AI culling with Aftershoot

Aftershoot Selects Includes:

  • Unlimited AI Culling
  • Duplicates Detection
  • 1 Seat Login

Aftershoot Selects Pricing

Yearly subscription$120
Monthly cost of yearly subscription$10
Monthly subscription$15

Tier 2: Aftershoot Essentials

The Aftershoot Essentials subscription is ideal for photographers who want unlimited access to AI culling and editing with Aftershoot, but don't want to create their own AI Profile.

This package offers access to all our pre-built AI Profiles (AI Styles) from the Aftershoot Marketplace. Use them to your heart’s content!

Aftershoot Marketplace where pre-built AI Profiles are accessed

Aftershoot Essentials Includes:

  • Unlimited AI Culling
  • Unlimited AI Editing with Access to 30+ AI Styles
  • Add Ons - Crop & Straighten

Aftershoot Essentials Pricing

Yearly subscription$240
Monthly cost of yearly subscription$20
Monthly subscription$25

Tier 3: Aftershoot Pro

If you want unlimited culling and editing and you want to create your own AI Profile in Aftershoot EDITS,  Aftershoot Pro is the plan for you!

This subscription is perfect for professional photographers who have a distinct editing style and want to use Aftershoot’s intuitive AI to automate their editing process.

Aftershoot EDITS AI Profile being created as shown on a computer screen

Aftershoot Pro Includes:

  • Unlimited AI Culling
  • Unlimited AI Editing
  • Access to 30+ AI Styles
  • 1 Custom AI Profile
  • Cropping, Straightening & Masking
  • Add Ons - Additional AI Profiles
  • 1 Seat Login

Aftershoot Pro Pricing

Yearly subscription$480
Monthly cost of yearly subscription$40
Monthly subscription$48

Available add-ons for Aftershoot Pro 

An additional AI Profile also costs $7 per month and $70 per year.

Additional preset packs will be available for purchase.

Tier 4: Aftershoot Max

This top-tier Aftershoot subscription gives you everything you need to get the most out of our AI software’s capabilities. 

If your editing style varies based on the types of shoots you do, this subscription is a perfect fit for you.

With the ability to create 5 custom AI Profiles, you can rest assured that Aftershoot will deliver apt adjustments for your diverse portfolio.

This is also a great option for photography teams because it grants two members access to the same Aftershoot account.

Photographers working together while on the Aftershoot pricing plan called Aftershoot Max

Aftershoot Max Includes:

  • Unlimited AI Culling
  • Unlimited AI Editing
  • Access to 30+ AI Styles
  • 5 Custom AI Profiles
  • Cropping, Straightening & Masking
  • Priority Onboarding
  • 1 License with 2 Device Login

Aftershoot Max Pricing

Yearly subscription$720
Monthly cost of yearly subscription$60
Monthly subscription$72

Available add-ons for Aftershoot Max

You can purchase an additional AI Profile for $7 per month or $70 per year.

Cancellation policies for Aftershoot subscriptions

You can pause any Aftershoot subscription for 3 months should you want to take a break. 

This pause means all of your AI profiles remain, you just won't be able to run projects during that pause. 

Users can pause once per year for a maximum of 3 months per year.

Here’s what will happen if you want to cancel or pause your subscription for more than 3 months:

Aftershoot Selects & Essentials Subscriptions:

Naturally, we believe Aftershoot offers the best AI culling and editing plans available, but we also believe nobody should be stuck in an annual contract if they don't feel it’s the best option for them.

Therefore, there is no penalty when you decide to cancel your subscription.

Aftershoot Pro & Max Subscriptions:

None of our plans will penalize you for canceling, however, if you choose to cancel one of these top-tier monthly or annual subscriptions, all of your custom AI Profiles and learnings attached to your account will be deleted upon cancelation. 

If you intend to come back at some point in the future, you can opt to pay $4 per month to store your AI Profile, so you can pick up right where you left off.

Go and check out the new Aftershoot pricing tiers!

Our mission with these four subscription models is to give photographers of all experience levels and genres the freedom to choose the plan that best suits their needs.

Our commitment to the photography community never wavers!

We make that evident with our 24/7 live support team, offline access to our AI culling and editing functions, constant improvements to our software based on your feedback, and absolutely no limits to how many images you cull or edit.

This transition into a tiered subscription model echoes that commitment and allows us to take a step in the direction of becoming the most accessible and comprehensive AI culling and editing assistant for photographers. 

We’re steadfast in our goal to empower all photographers to navigate their unique creative journeys through Aftershoot, no matter what stage of photography or business they are in.

We’re excited and honored to navigate your unique photography journey alongside you.

Now, please explore our four new plans and embrace a future that harmonizes innovation, accessibility, and creativity with us!

Please note: Subscription costs mentioned in this article are accurate on the date of publication but are subject to change or reduction during sales periods. Refer to the Aftershoot pricing page for the latest information.

Select an Aftershoot subscription that suits your needs.

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