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Updated: November 21, 2023

Meet Our Ambassador: Esteban Gil

We’re so excited to announce this Ambassador because it feels a little bit like introducing a family member!  Esteban Gil was one of the first users and early supporters of Aftershoot, he started using it in August 2020. 

Because of his infectious enthusiasm and love of the photography community, he joined us at our booth at WPPI and at Shutterfest 2021. We think he was even more beloved than our magical unicorn!

Esteban is the Founder of Steel & Flint Society which has ongoing education for photographers and hosts online workshops. Join him in the Steel & Flint Society Facebook Group to meet other photographers who are looking for inspiration and creative ways to run their business!

You can view more of Esteban’s work at his website, or get social with him on Instagram at @egilphoto.

Get to Know Esteban Gil

Meet Esteban Gil, Connecticut-based wedding photographer, and educator based in Guilford, CT.

Esteban Gil, wedding photographer

Over the years, he has honed his raw creative abilities into a talent that is undeniable. Esteban places importance on capturing emotion first and art second, but consistently succeeds in turning almost every moment into artistry.

His work is easily recognized by his well-thought-out framing, out-of-the-box creativity, and even more so his imaginative use of light – be it natural or flash.

Through the Steel & Flint workshops and corresponding Facebook community, Esteban has cultivated an environment that fosters growth through education, group discussions, artistic challenges, unlimited access to guidance and advice, and friendships.

As he continually strives to grow in his own abilities and career, he never hesitates to advise, encourage, and help others to grow

He was also voted “World’s best-looking photographer” in 2019, 2020, and 2021 by Himself.

If you’d like to try out Estban’s favorite post-shoot software, Aftershoot, then all you need to do is download the free trial. In about 15 minutes you’ll be ready to cull and edit your first gallery in record time!

Introducing Leo: Esteban Gil's Creator Profile

Besides speeding up his culling and editing workflow with Aftershoot, Esteban is also one of the first to have his Creator Profile, Leo, available for purchase via the Aftershoot Marketplace.

Creator Profiles are Aftershoot's pre-built editing profiles (AI Styles) that are much like editing presets, only better!

These AI Styles are developed by renowned photographers and a percentage of the proceeds go to the creators themselves, making it a fantastic way to support your favorite photographers and to harness their editing magic in your own images.

Learn more about Creator Profiles here, and check out Leo to edit like Esteban Gil.

Creator Profile, Leo by Esteban Gil

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