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Aftershoot Photo Culling is 95% Accurate – John Branch

AI Photo Culling with 95% Accuracy

John Branch is a documentary wedding photographer serving North Carolina and New York City. We were thrilled when he decided to share his experience using Aftershoot for photo culling of his weddings.

John Branch knows a little bit about what support means to people.

John has built his business and brand by being a 100% unapologetic support system and hype man for his clients. His rave reviews from clients tell the story of a guy who goes the extra mile for his clients from the first meeting through the delivery of his storytelling images.

That level of dedication is something that many photographers strive for. But, it can be tough to give each client that level of service if you are wearing all the hats in your business. If you're doing all the shooting, culling, editing, and marketing, you can quickly burn out... something has to give!

That's why Aftershoot is support photographers like John who need their time back by tackling photo culling while they sleep!

Instead of spending hours and hours culling photos, why not leave it up to AI?

Like many photographers, John had his doubts about "trusting a computer”.  However, he realized that Aftershoot doesn't remove photos in the photo-culling process; it just selects the best ones. He decided to give it a try and was amazed by the results.

By letting Aftershoot choose the best photos, he drastically reduced the culling process. This freed him up to get to the image editing and image retouching process faster.

Aftershoot saves photographers hours per shoot

"I'm a huge fan of Aftershoot photo culling software. It has helped me to quickly cull my weddings and get them edited faster to deliver a better product to my clients in a shorter amount of time. It's also 95% accurate for me, which is pretty incredible."

By using Aftershoot to handle the culling after a wedding, John can spend more time with his family and grow his business.

Most wedding photographers take thousands of images on a wedding day. Aftershoot can quickly cull those photos down to the final images so that you can get back to your life and business!

Wedding days are long. Let Aftershoot do your photo culling while you sleep.

John's workflow is that he loads his photos into Lightroom to back up his photos, then he imports photos into Aftershoot and hits the hay for some much-needed rest.

He gets an email telling him his cull is done when he wakes up. Can you imagine the relief of knowing that 95% of your photo culling is done while you sleep?!!

Setting photo culling preferences in Aftershoot

Aftershoot is unique in that it is a photo-culling software that can learn preferences. You can always go through the photos that Aftershoot choose to exclude and add them back in, and Aftershoot learns from that, too.

"It's crazy how close it it literally takes me 5 minutes per wedding to go through the photos to double-check a few things. Sometimes I'll choose a different image because of my preferences, but most of the time, Aftershoot chooses what I would have".

Your shooting style matters!

The photo culling software actually learns the preferences of the professional photographer.

As John continued to learn how the photo culling software works and Aftershoot learned John's preferences, he has begun to apply more stringent preferences to the cull.

However, John notes that one of the reasons he feels secure doing that is because he knows he can easily add photos back in with a few keystrokes. 

How loupe view will change your life

When John wants to double-check the images that Aftershoot has excluded, all he has to do is find the photos with a number on them and hover over them. In loupe view, similar photos that were not selected appear, and he can easily click through them to see if there is one he likes better.

For example, in a ring shot, Aftershoot may pick the one that is the sharpest from front to back, and perhaps John prefers a different view with a side angle. With a few clicks of the keyboard, he can easily make those changes.

Make group photos fun again

Have you ever spent hours zooming in out on faces in endless group shots to make sure eyes are open, and everyone is looking at the camera? Aftershoot to the rescue! It really is the best photo culling software available for photographers... no more spending hours culling all the images manually like you would have to do in Photo Mechanic to exclude undesired photos.

Aftershoot will show you the photo it has chosen, and you can see close-ups of thumbnails of each person's face to confirm that it's the perfect shot. Now that's a HUGE time saver!

Export to your favorite editing software and get on with your LIFE

John uses Photoshop and is able to quickly transfer the data and finalize the photos for his client.

Because Aftershoot routinely removes about 2/3 of the photos he would not have chosen to present to his clients, he's focusing on only the best of the best for final edits. And when you're not burned out with culling, doing that final edit is a joy!

Being able to take photos is great, but if your business isn’t running smoothly, you’re missing out on everything.”

Aftershoot is a game-changer for wedding photographers

Wedding photographers, in particular, are finding that Aftershoot photo culling software has solved their wedding workflow problems.

It doesn't matter if you're a prolific shooter or more reserved in your shooting style; Aftershoot can help you by culling photos faster. You don't have to adapt your shooting style to spend less time culling!

And it doesn't stop at culling. Aftershoot's powerful AI editing engine is also revved up to automate and supercharge your entire editing process.

Learn more about editing with Aftershoot and start your journey into a simplified workflow with a 30-day free trial.

We love to see skeptics like John become true believers! Our mission is simple; we want you to create more and work less.

Aftershoot culling and editing software

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