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Updated: March 29, 2023

Taylor Jackson’s Photo Culling and Workflow Solutions with Aftershoot

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We love hearing from photographers about how AfterShoot has revolutionized their workflow! Today, we’re featuring a YouTube video from Taylor Jackson from Ontario, Canada, about how he uses our software to cull his wedding photos.

Taylor Jackson: Photographer, filmmaker, director; lover of human moments

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Taylor Jackson is not only one of Canada's most successful wedding photographers, but he's also a leading wedding photography educator, having spoken at WPPI as well as his very popular online courses at Taylor Jackson Courses.

Taylor knows a little something about wedding workflows, having photographed 60+ weddings a year in the luxury wedding market traveling worldwide. When you shoot that much in out-of-town locations, you learn that a solid workflow is a key to your business success!

How Taylor Jackson Uses AfterShoot to Speed Up His Wedding Workflow and Buy Time Back

Wedding photography can be a very time-consuming process, from the initial shoot to sorting through the images afterward. That’s why a good photo culling and workflow solution is essential for any wedding photographer.

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AfterShoot is the perfect tool for anyone looking to speed up their post-production workflow. In the video, Taylor shows us how he uses AfterShoot to cull his wedding photos and how using AfterShoot paid for itself in one wedding.

AfterShoot as a Better Starting Point

One of the things that Taylor talked about in the video is that when you use AfterShoot to cull your photos, you're immediately at a better starting point when you need to either edit the images yourself or send them to an outside editor.

Reducing the number of photos you have to deal with saves a ton of time and money! It doesn't matter if you are a careful or a prolific shooter; you no doubt "edit out" a good portion of your images that are not up to your standards, are blinks, blurs, or duplicates. AfterShoot handles all of that for you, so by the time you need to edit, you're not mentally exhausted just by the amount of time it took to cull the photos.

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AfterShoot Helps You Save Money on Outsourcing Wedding Editing

Having a good culling and workflow solution like AfterShoot also helps you save money on outsourcing wedding editing.

When you send fewer photos to an editor, not only are you saving on the cost of the edit, but you're also reducing the amount of time that it takes for the editor to get your photos back to you.

It's a win-win all around!

AfterShoot Uses the Power of AI to "Learn" Your Photo Preferences

What makes AfterShoot so unique is that it uses the power of Artificial Intelligence to "learn" your photo preferences.

If you find that an image didn't make the cull that you would have kept, all you need to do is move it back into the final selection to teach AfterShoot what your style of shooting is. Over time, it gets better and better at knowing which photos you like, making your post-production workflow even faster!

AfterShoot and Your Wedding Workflow; Banish Culling Forever!

If you're interested in learning more about how to use AfterShoot for your wedding photography workflow, be sure to check Taylor's video to see how he ramps up his wedding workflow so he can shoot weddings and keep on helping educate photographers. If you're not using AfterShoot yet, what are you waiting for?
We offer a free 14-day trial to see for yourself why professional photographers and educators like Taylor Jackson rely on AfterShoot to take care of culling so they can do what they love to do best and buy their time back!

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