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Updated: May 25, 2023

We’re Lookin’ Good! What the Aftershoot Rebrand Means

Three years after our initial release of Aftershoot, we've got big news! We're thrilled to announce the Aftershoot rebrand featuring a new look, website, and more exciting updates. Read on to learn what this update means, what Aftershoot is about, and what lies ahead.

What is new for Aftershoot?

In March 2020, we released the first-ever public version of Aftershoot.

In March 2023, we're happy to announce some exciting updates.

You have probably noticed a visual shift here and there for quite some time. Today, it's official – we have rebranded. Here's what's new for us:

  • New Logo – more dynamic and bold
  • New Spelling – no more capital "S" – we're now Aftershoot
  • Brand New Website - you're on it
  • Getting Started Faster with Revamped Onboarding
  • Improved Web Account Management
  • Unicorns & Astronauts – our magical mascots

Want updated assets for promotional or PR purposes? Check out our Press page.

To make this anniversary even more special, we're offering a 20% discount on all new Aftershoot Pro subscriptions. Get yours here. It's only available for a short while!

anniversary deal 1

A look back at how we started

When we first started Aftershoot, we did it to ease a pain. The pain of the endless, repetitive, dull, time-sucking manual selection of photographs. We found it difficult to believe many photographers enjoyed spending their days and nights sifting through thousands of photos to get the gems worth keeping and editing...

So we set out to build what became Aftershoot CULL. Here's Founder & CEO Harshit Dwivedi reflecting on starting Aftershoot.

The power of community

Our users and the photography community are the backbones of Aftershoot and why we do what we do here. Through the power of community, our product took off and it is how we continue growing – by sharing, listening, and iterating on our community's feedback.

This is also how Justin Benson, Co-Founder & CIO, got involved with Aftershoot. As one of the most passionate early adopters, he immediately saw what could be improved and its potential. He grasped the benefits of using AI-powered culling and how it could save other photographers time, empowering them to do more.

Here's Co-Founder & CIO Justin Benson reflecting on what Aftershoot is, getting started, and the story behind the Unicorn.

The ingredients to our success haven't changed: Releasing the product in small circles, listening carefully to feedback, and updating fast. And your contribution is crucial.

Want early access to new features and updates or simply to share your thoughts with us? You have the power to directly impact our product roadmap. Join our Discord Community.

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What's up with Aftershoot and unicorns?

Unicorns 1

"Waking up our magical unicorns." You know what we're talking about, but if you're confused, we'll explain.

AI (artificial intelligence), until fairly recently, has been exciting for some but frightening for others. And how do you explain AI-powered software to the everyday person? Getting too technical proved overwhelming, so we decided to use a metaphor instead.

One of our early developers came up with it and it was a hit! We all know what a unicorn is, though we've never actually seen one in real life. That's what AI is in Aftershoot – the Magical Unicorn saving you more time.

To make it more fun and symbolize our sense of adventure and exploration, we added an astronaut. And so these two figures became our mascots. You'll see unicorns and astronauts when we're attending events and catch them doing their magic in our culling and editing app.

Aftershoot EDITS & what's next

We started with AI-powered culling, but that was just the start. For the past year, we've been working hard to make AI editing a reality with Aftershoot EDITS (already in private beta).

Aftershoot EDITS is the next step in our path to revolutionizing how creators work. Here's what's coming that we're incredibly excited about:

  • App Update – to support the Aftershoot rebrand
  • EDITS Free Public Beta
  • Updated Pricing Model
  • Features & Functionality – to save you more time!

What is AI editing, and what is Aftershoot EDITS?

Aftershoot EDITS is the next step in your post-shoot workflow and is an incredible improvement to simple and inflexible presets. Aftershoot EDITS is your editing style automated.

Our AI learns how you edit your photos and it creates a custom and unique model for you to use. It edits your photos in minutes! It's already saving hundreds of photographers time, giving them incredible results.

Our commitment with Aftershoot EDITS? No payment per image! Flat, fixed pricing to edit as much as you want or need.

Sign Up here to get notified when we launch the FREE Beta, so you can try it out and see the magic unfold.

free edits 1

Wrapping up

The past three years have been incredible! We're immensely grateful for everyone's love of our product despite any flaws they might have seen, and for putting in the time to share their thoughts and needs with us.

This update supports the transformation we want to bring to your life.

And with it, we enter a new, more energetic phase of our growth – putting out more powerful and faster solutions for our community and beyond.

On March 14th, Harshit and Justin went live for our Anniversary Lunch & Learn Facebook event. Be sure to watch it and stay tuned for more updates and news.

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