Gabriel González
Gabriel González
Gabriel González
Aftershoot gave me a better night's sleep! After every wedding, I would backup all the images and sit for a few more hours selecting some teasers for the couple. Usually getting to bed after 3am. Now, I start Aftershoot, take a bath and have them selected in minutes! Getting around 90-95% of the correct images selected in minutes is a life (and sleep) saver. @gabrielfoto
Amanda Bernardo
Amanda Bernardo
Amanda Bernardo
It has been a game changer in maximizing the most valuable asset in my business, time. As a part-time photographer, I try to work smarter not harder and Aftershoot allows me to do just that! By effortlessly culling my photos, I can focus on other areas of my business and trust Aftershoot to find the keepers worth editing!  @byamandabernardo
Ashley Barton
Ashley Barton
Ashley Barton
After being hesitant that it was “too good to be true” I took the dive, got Aftershoot and now I am kicking myself for not getting it sooner! I absolutely dreaded culling to the point where it would effect my work flow. Now, this magical program sent straight from photography heaven cuts my work time in half! Love it! Don’t think, just get it! @4aphotos
Iván Mestre
Iván Mestre
Iván Mestre
Aftershoot has helped me save a lot of time when sifting through my photos. Before, I wasted at least an hour doing it and now I can spend that hour working on other tasks or resting and the help service is great! @ivanmestre_photonupcial
Lori Renée
Lori Renée
Lori Renée
When I learned of Aftershoot from another photographer, I had to try it. I was amazed and use it for every shoot I complete! It’s the first part of my work flow the minute I get home.  It is so easy to use and has saved me hours of time. I can tweak specifics depending on the type of session I had but I generally just load and go! Get a cup of coffee and watch my email for the notification it’s all done! @lorireneephotography
Tanya Plonka
Tanya Plonka
Tanya Plonka
It really shines on the more tedious parts of culling like family formals; no longer do I have to closely inspect for closed eyes! It reliably picks the best photo out of each set, giving me more time for the creative and people-centered aspects of my job. @tanyaplonka
Karissa Johnson
Karissa Johnson
Karissa Johnson
I love how it groups duplicates together so that I can review each image set to quickly identify the cream of that crop before moving onto the next grouping. It also allows me to multitask and provides more freedom. @karissajohnsonphotography

Still culling manually and wasting your life on it?


Aftershoot's AI powered culling software will review thousands of your photos in a matter of minutes, highlighting the best for you to review. Giving you hours of time back to take more pictures, grow your business, or spend time with loved ones.

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Scan grouped photos without having to go through tens of obviously imperfect images. The grouping process is completely customisable and you can fine-tune it to fit your style.

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Spend your time on things that matter the most. In one click Aftershoot automates your culling and editing, while still letting you retain complete creative control.

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tim riddick testimonial
Tim Riddick


Jacquelyn Portolese Aftershoot
Jacquelyn Portolese


With Aftershoot, my culling process has been cut down from multiple hours to under an hour to select final edits from thousands of images.

Michael Fayehun


Ruben Chan Aftershoot Review
Ruben Chan


After every wedding, it was over whelming to get the images culled and delivered in a weeks time.With Aftershoot, we start the culling process right when we get home and are now able to deliver a full wedding to our client the very next day!

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Summer Gossett


John Branch
John Branch IV


The longer I’m in this wonderful job for and the more competitive the landscape gets, the more discerning I’ve gotten with my work as a result. My images simply have to be out of this world with proper attention and care, from the beginning of my couples set, right to the end. This means more time intensive editing work. Using Aftershoot has been instrumental in ensuring that as the standards of my work raise, that my time-spend doesn’t increase, so that I can continue to focus my energy on all of the surrounding parts of what is a service-based business. Setting up a profile is incredibly simple, and the workflow of the Aftershoot app gets me going in a few quick clicks. It’s become an impossibly wonderful addition to my workflow, and taken me away from time-intensive tasks that are low-value, into tasks that are more high-value for my business.

Headshots Oli Briars Atlas by Monika Frias 0283 1 1
Oli Sansom


Taylor Jackson
Taylor Jackson


9.99 /per month
14.99 /per month
Billed Annually
Save 30%
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Super Fast AI Culling

Unlimited Images & Projects

Fast Export to Editing Tools

24/7 Support, for Real

No Internet Needed

79 Hours Saved on Average


Why Aftershoot?
As photographers and creatives, you should be able to spend your time on things that are most important to you. Thousands of photographers are sleeping better, spending time with their loved ones and investing time into growing their business thanks to Aftershoot's automated Culling and Editing.
What does Aftershoot Culling do?
Aftershoot Culling does a first pass culling of your images by grouping similar images and using our state of the art algorithms to suggest the keepers from those images. Along with the automated culling, you have a bunch of nifty features that makes the review process fun, enjoyable and fast! On top of all, as you make changes to our selections, Aftershoot learns from it and gets better the more you use it! Check out our tutorials for in-depth tips & tricks.
What does Aftershoot Editing do?
Aftershoot Edits (currently in Beta) is smart, responsive, and actually adapts to your needs. It learns from your editing style and applies it automatically to your photos. It will match your editing style with 90%+ accuracy based on varying context, lighting conditions and more, with built in cropping and straightening options. To get started, you need an editing profile that has completed training and loaded onto your computer. Next, you can decide how to edit: cull and then connect a catalog to edit, or you can click New Album and begin Editing. More on editing with Aftershoot here.
How does Aftershoot work and how to get started?
Aftershoot is an app that you download to your computer and use locally. It doesn't take much memory space, and you control how much processing power it needs. You can download and use Aftershoot on any Windows or Mac (Intel and M1 chips supported) operated computer or laptop.
What image formats does Aftershoot process?
Aftershoot supports all the leading RAW formats, alongside JPEG.
How does the AI work and get trained?
AI, or machine learning, is a process in which repetition in decisions teaches a computer! This means that the AI (or the "magical unicorns" as we like to call it) learns from users by simply recognising patterns in culling or editing decisions a user makes. If the system sees a pattern in which emotion is always chosen over sharpness, it will begin to tune into that and prioritise emotion over sharpness. It is a process that takes time as the pattern needs to be recognisable. This process happens automatically on our secure servers, so there is no need to worry about "magical unicorns" watching your every move!
What makes Aftershoot different from other AI culling and editing software?
There are a couple things which make Aftershoot different. Pricing - no payments per image, our pricing is simple and flat, so you can edit and cull as much, or as little as you want. No limitations. No internet needed - once you download the app and train your AI profile, you can cull & edit on the go. Best in class support - our team is here for you 24/7, always. And, most importantly - you're in it with us. We're interested in your feedback and are always happy to learn how we can make Aftershoot better for you.
Can I use Aftershoot on multiple devices?
Yes, you can log in with your account on different laptops or desktop computers, and you can download you AI profile to any new device you log into. An important note is that the photos culled on one computer won't be accessible on other machine since everything Aftershoot does is saved locally on your machine.
How much does Aftershoot cost?
Depending on how you choose to subscribe, you can choose between a monthly or annual subscription for automated Culling. Check our Pricing page for details. Aftershoot Edit is currently in closed Beta, soon to be made public.
Is Aftershoot worth it?
Don't just take our word for it, you can find real user reviews on Trustpilot or read more about us on Shotkit, Fstoppers,Fix the photo, and PhotoFocus.
I have more questions, where can I get in touch with you?
Our support team is always on call and you can reach them either through the website, or directly within the app. We strive to provide best-in-class support to our users (paid or not), so rest assured; you're in good hands and company! Email us at or join our Facebook Group to chat directly with our founders and product team.

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