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December 2021
Hello Everyone!We’ve heard your requests for changes after the November 2021 release. We’ve made significant advances with our AI accuracy, along with bringing some much requested features for you in this release as well:
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AI improvements

  • Improved closed eye detection model
  • Improved emotion model
  • Added option to disable specific filters like Closed Eyes, Blur, and Duplicates


  • Added One-Click export to Capture One on Windows
  • Fixes to persisting zoom while moving through duplicate images
  • Option to delete multiple albums at once
  • Autoadvance to next image works even when the new stars/colors are same as the old one
  • Improvements to the app speed

Bug fixes

  • Bugs with reculling old albums
  • Upon culling an album, old albums would not show up properly
  • Improvements to the Manual Culling flow
  • Exporting to a folder includes accompanying JPG files
  • Additional bug fixes & quality of life improvements
Thank you for all of your helpful suggestions as we continue to make AfterShoot the best AI culling software available.YOU make AfterShoot the incredible time-saving, stress-reducing, life-gaining software that it is.As always, we thrive on your feedback. If you have any questions, concerns, or find any bugs, please reach out to Support through the software, and we will respond as quickly as possible.

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