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Let us cull your photographs for you!

Choosing your final selections of photographs is the biggest roadblock in your photography editing workflow.

We can help you with the power of AI technology, fueled by professional photographers like you.
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Available for Mac & Windows

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How does it work?

After a long day of taking photographs, you're faced with reviewing hundreds or thousands of images, selecting the best from the rest. Because most of us do this one frame at a time, the way it has always been done, it is a boring and tedious task. AfterShoot changes everything.

When you open the photographs in AfterShoot & start the cull, you can walk away and leave the software to do the initial review of all of your photographs. AfterShoot will filter them through a number of objective & subjective steps using Artificial Intelligence (also known as the Magical Unicorns), looking for the very best of the bunch.

We know you still need to be a part of the process, so once the images are rated and grouped together, we allow you to quickly review and swap the selections, and the AI learns from you as you make those changes within AfterShoot.

Our Artificial Intelligence has learned from over 100 million photographs from professional photographers. We have saved photographers like you over 500,000 hours of time.

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Why AfterShoot?

👋 AfterShoot is for everyone

Who is AfterShoot for?

If you photograph people, AfterShoot is perfect for you!
Our clients photograph for the following areas
Available for Mac & Windows
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Weddings & Engagement Sessions

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Newborn Babies

Ellipse 81

High School Seniors

Ellipse 89

College Seniors

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Commercial & Advertising

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Ellipse 84

Team Portraits

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School Photographs

🦄 Our unicorns are powerful

PROS of using AfterShoot

Save You Time ⏱️

You no longer have to sort through images one at a time after each session or event.


Select The Best Photos 🎞️

Backed by science! Most report that AfterShoot does 85% of the review work for them.


Save You Money 💸

With the time you’ve saved, you can book more clients.


Easy Integration 😀

AfterShoot will fit in to your existing workflow, and works together with Lightroom® and Capture One®


Get More TIME to focus on what matters most to you! Download now!

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People love AfterShoot

100 Million +

Photos Culled

This is increasing by over a
million per day


hours saved
Regain your precious time – let us do the work

Sam Hurd


sam hurd

AfterShoot is becoming such a fundamental part of my image creating process that I’m learning to trust its algorithm just as previous generations of photographers learned to “trust the camera”.

I can turn entire collections around for delivery in a fraction of the time!

Brittany Boote


The fact that I can have an entire wedding culled in a few minutes while I go make a coffee is a game changer.
I delivered over 8 sessions including a wedding in less than a week using AfterShoot. I love it!

Myron Fields



After a long wedding day, I would typically dread having to upload and cull images because it took hours, but AfterShoot makes the culling process extremely easy. 

AfterShoot is not only a time-saver, but a trusted time-saving app!

Farrah Sanjari



I can’t ever imagine going back to culling photos manually now that I’ve tried AfterShoot.

I’ve fully integrated AfterShoot into my editing process and I haven’t looked back since. I’ve saved so much valuable time.

Ruben Chan



AfterShoot, the game changer I’ve been waiting for and I didn’t know!

I’ve been using it for the last month and it is incredible how many hours I have saved working.

Allow our Magical Unicorns to cull your photographs for you.

Are you ready?

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Frequently asked Questions

Why AfterShoot?
As Photographers and creatives, you should be able to spend our time on things that are most important to you!
Culling is often time taking and the most non-creative part of the photography workflow and hence we built AfterShoot to help you get precious hours back in your life!
Don't believe us? Give it a go yourself and you'll find out why we are the best photo culling software out there.
What Platforms, Softwares and Image Formats do you support?
AfterShoot is compatible with both Windows and Mac (including the new M1 chip).
We also support Lightroom, Capture One and all the other leading photography tools.
As far as Image formats go, we support all the leading RAW formats along with JPEGs and PNGs.
As the saying goes "Leave no one behind", so we got your back ;).
What makes AfterShoot different from other AI Image culling softwares?

We listen to your feedbacks.

As compared to other Photo Culling software that aim to provide incremental improvements to your workflow, AfterShoot aims to do it for you while still letting you retain the entire control over the selections.

But enough from us, why don't you try AfterShoot and experience the magic yourself? 

9 out of 10 users who try AfterShoot, never go back to the old way of culling their images again!

Don't worry we'll get the 10th one soon :/

How secure is AfterShoot?
AfterShoot runs locally on your machine and does not upload your images anywhere.
Our users are like our family and we are not the snitch cousin so you can cull your images without any worries :p
If you want, you can opt-in for our optional image sharing program which uses the images culled by AfterShoot to help make it better.
Can I make changes to AfterShoot's selections?
Yes you can! 
AfterShoot comes with a powerful Loupe View that lets you Inspect Faces, Review Duplicate Images, and much more with fully customizable keyboard shortcuts to your liking.
Photo culling has never been this easy.
Will AfterShoot reject my important Photos?
Whenever AfterShoot detects more than 1 similar image, it will always pick out the best ones from them thereby ensuring that you never miss out on any image!
I have more questions, where can I get in touch with you?
You can either send us an email at [email protected] or create a post in our Facebook Group.
We strive to provide best in class support to our users (paid or not), so rest assured; you're in good company!

What sets us apart?

Our users are at the very heart of what makes AfterShoot an incredible software for all professional photographers. We rely on user feedback to improve the quality of our software. Once you have started your free trial, be sure to join our Facebook Community where we share a variety of resources to help you.
You can also always reach out to our support team directly from the software. We are happy to help, and our product updates often include things suggested by you.

What are you waiting for? AfterShoot is available for Mac & Windows.